The conservative media got the memo: Whenever the Russia probe comes up, get outraged and say that it—as in the probe itself, not what it may be uncovering about Trump—is “worse than Watergate.” After all, that’s what Democrats have been saying for months about what the probe may be uncovering about Trump. The questions now are how did this become a talking point on the right, and what do they mean by “worse than Watergate?” One theory: the new rallying cry is straight from the late Roy Cohn, the brass-knuckles lawyer in New York who schooled a young Donald Trump in the black arts of chicanery and corruption.“ Always hit back… never say you’re sorry… never admit you’re wrong,” were the words Cohn lived by as he made his name defending Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s communist witch hunt. He moved on to the Manhattan party scene where he befriended Trump, seeded gossip items about friends and foes, and represented Mafia crime families before his death in 1986 of complications from AIDS.

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